Tuesday, 4 November 2008

can't sleep

waah. sleep...where are you? it's past 2am, i woke up after a not-so-sound sleep... and scared. bad images of the halloween tv specials i watched keep flying in my mind. body curled up. knees on my chin. scared that something cold will touch my feet. scared to hear something strange, ipod plugged in my ears. Oh, let me sleep. *posted from Samsung D840

Saturday, 18 October 2008

For those who haven't met Georgia...

She's a yellow 4th gen iPod Nano..

... a pasalubong from DW

Suya mo?

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Island Addict

Contant headaches...
Painful eyes ( I described it like somebody's inside my head trying to kick out my eyeballs out of my eyesockets)...
Running around the office juggling with 2-3 computers in different locations -my tidit card would break (tidit card= access card, well it's the sound it makes..tidit!)...
meeting daily deadlines...
Catching up the company shuttle...
Receiving complaints......
Phonecalls coming from 3 different telephones (mostly from credit card collection agencies looking for employees with delinquent accounts) and 2 cellphones - sometimes they ring all together...
... ahhhhhhh

I deserved this Short Vacation with the coolest, happy and loudest people in the office! and then Bohol Welcomed us...

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Nicole and Matoy's Puppies


4 of the 6 bouncing labrador-shitzu-poodle puppies...
2 are in the hands of their adoptive parents already...

The proud parents...

Sunday, 3 August 2008

I am back!

52 Posts, last published on May 5, 2008 - thats what my blogspot dashboard said when I opened my account today. That was too long ago and well, a lot of things happened after that and here's some:

  1. I got a Student Driver's Permit and now learning the basics of driving a four-wheel vehicle.
  2. I celebrated my 29th birthday last June 26. Went to a theater after work and watched KungFu Panda (movie pass from Merrell) with a venti hot cafe latte (starbucks gift certificate from Mhalou) while waiting for my friends for a birthday dinner at Bigby's.
  3. I lost my Samsung D840 phone. Somebody stole it the day after my birthday but we were reunited after 30 days. Yeah, it sounds impossible but the buyer of the "stolen" phone traced the "owner" by reading messages stored in the phone memory and eventually contacted my brother and now I got my phone back! Thank you Rene Osmeña.
  4. My pet Nicole gave birth to 6 bouncing yellow labrador puppies last June 29. I am now a GrandMa! Congratulations to Matoy - the shitzu-poodle who is now trying to be a responsible father of the healthy puppies.
  5. Globelines broadband became a headache after the storm Frank. I had no internet for 14 days. They may have fixed it but my internet connection after that is intermittent!!! My landline doesn't even have a dial tone for days now. To those readers who are thinking of subscribing to Globelines... please choose another provider!

Monday, 5 May 2008

Free tickets to Martin Nievera's Concert

I was never lucky...until I saw my name on the morning paper for winning 2 tickets to Martin Nievera XXV Concert in Waterfront's Pacific Grand Ballroom on the day of the concert, April 30. Cebu Daily News posted questions related to Martin the day before the concert and you answer it by texting. It just costs me 4 pesos! Hahaha.

On their performance: Martin, I was not surprised or awed at all as I have seen him performed live before so watching that energy is not new to me. On his guest Gretchen Barretto, well please don't ask me, we know she's not the singer we all want to hear :) But yeah, she's the reason why I joined the contest! I wanted to be mesmerized by her beauty and glamour! It is not really Martin Nievera that took my attention that night-it was Gerard Salonga's graceful and smooth moves in orchestrating the Filharmonic Orchestra.

No Photos. Cellphone batteries were empty that night. My Samsung D840 is in the ICU. We took pics using Felex's XDA but it went dead the next morning and all his files are gone!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Hollywood Sighting: Jon Heder

I spotted Jon Heder 45 mins ago!

Remember the ice skating guy who co-stars with Will Farell in the movie Blades of Glory? Well how could I not recognize him if I watched the movie more than five times (it was the movie we played in the office for days while our cable was down). Actually, it was Jon's "queer eyes" who recognized him while we had dinner at KFC-Ayala. We all went crazy like trying to make a plan how to "attack" him. Hahaha. Then there was this "trying-to-speak-bisaya" man who approached and begged us to just be discreet about we have "discover" coz the couple wants to have private moment. He's with his wife Kirsten. We all went silent and sad because we can't also have a "starstruck moment". I felt bad. You don't always see a hollywood star and you can't have a photo.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Saint Thérèse de Lisieux is in Cebu

Bad traffic to Mabolo. People lining up outside the Carmelite's gate. You would know "something" is there. The smell of flower will greet you from the gate and embrace you even more when you're inside the church. (The scent is still sticking on my hands up until now though I haven't touched anything.)

Ordinary girl. Extraordinary Soul. St.Thérèse is known for her "Little Way." In her quest for sanctity, she realised that it was not necessary to accomplish heroic acts, or "great deeds", in order to attain holiness and to express her love of God.

I heard about her when I was still a child and it was a joy to be finally near her even for a minute.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Frolicking Plantation Bay

Seven years after I last wowed by the beauty of Plantation Bay, I was there again last week and admired the artificially built lagoon paradise.

The white sand and the sparkling water would pierce your eyes sweetly like a dagger in a sunny day...

Come and enjoy sunshine with me...

Spa and Massage

If I just want a quick body booster, I go to Thewi Thai Massage in Mango. It's near and their 30-minute back massage or foot massage feels like an hour massage. Though quick, I can still doze off and feels like I had an 8-hour sleep after the power-nap. The place is clean, sheets are clean and the downy-smelling-pajamas are clean. I can get that body booster for only 75 pesos!

But I go to Serenity Spa when I feel like pampering my body. Though near JY Square-Lahug, you feel like you are really far from the buzzling city. It's fenced, parking is not a problem and you can even enjoy conversations with your friends in the garden. They serve coffee, tea and refreshments. It's so quiet that it feels like you are in your own rest house in a province. Staff is so friendly and accommodating. There's a free sauna before massage and nice shower room and you will even look forward to the delicious iced tea that they serve after a relaxing massage. You would thought it's expensive but it's not! Me and my friends love to go there. In fact, here are the pictures of my trips there with different sets of friends...

Relaxed and Energized

feeling the sauna's heat


Do you wanna be on TOP?

Busay, 20 to 30 minutes from the city is the place to be if you like to be on a higher ground. Try Mr. A or La Tegola if you want to dine overlooking the city. View of city lights while having your dinner or coffee is really spectacular plus the fresh cold air...

Angelina Jolie is Pregnant! (with twins???)

They have not officially confirmed it but the pictures say it all. After rumors after romurs and Angelina covering her bumps with flowy dresses and jackets, she finally showed off that baby bump at the Independent Spirit Awards today in Santa Monica.

The growing family of Jolie-Pitt. Can't wait to see another Jolie-Pitt baby... wohooo.. Congrats to them.

Sorry, they are just my favorite Hollywood couple since they starred in Mr.and Mrs. Smith!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Heart Heart Heart

To all my friends who are single, in a relationship, married and who call their relationship "complicated"...

To all who are inlve or who fell out of l ve...

To those who are
looking and to those who have stopped looking...

Happy Valentine's Day and never stop wishing... ;)